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Appropriate rest and relaxation are critical to on-the-job performance.

Essential to your workforce

Ballard Hospitality provides rooms with privacy to ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay. Each spacious room is provided with personal climate controls, a top quality mattress and linens. A TV, microwave and refrigerator are also supplied to make the stay as close to home as possible. Each room has a complete bathroom as well. We know how important it is to relax and have a good night’s rest to be productive the following day.

Bed in room
facility photo

Typical guestroom Amenities

  • Private Oversized Rooms
  • Television / Microwave / Refrigerator
  • Comfortable & Stain Resistant Furniture • Personal Climate Controls
  • Top Quality Mattress & Linens
  • Complete Bathroom
  • Fresh Linen Service
  • Housekeeping and Sanitation

Providing over 5000 remote site lodging solutions…and counting.