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MASS feeding

Regardless of the location, we provide food solutions through fixed sites, mobile feeding units, and bulk distribution


Ballard Hospitality has a network of vendors and food service employees to quickly respond to the feeding support missions critical to the impacted community.  We have highly experienced emergency response professionals capable of performing short notice emergency response feeding support for both government and private business.

Chef in the kitchen
pre packaged meals

Competitive Advantages

  • National and international food services business.
  • Owns, operates and manages over four hundred (400) retail food and beverage brands in (28) states and five (5) countries.
  • Built and sustained preferred status with vendors and suppliers in food and food support services industries.
  • Long standing relationship with robust supply chain vendors.
  • Preferred status and priority with vendors averaging an annual purchase of $50M of food and supply from national/regional vendor network.
  • Unique emergency preparedness inventory program to ensure product readiness.
  • At the ready deployment of over three hundred (300) local food service workers.


  • Mass Emergency Feeding
  • Water / Ice Supply
  • Food Service
  • Food Supplies
  • Hot Meal Programs
  • Boxed Meal Programs
  • School Lunch Programs
  • Cafeteria / Mess Hall Construction
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Through our mass and emergency feeding services, Ballard Hospitality has proudly served over 10 million meals…and counting.